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Swansea CastleSwansea Castle is now so hemmed in by modern buildings and roads that it is hard to imagine its original surroundings, or indeed its original form. It stands on a clifftop, below which the river Tawe originally flowed, and its position was strategic: it commanded the lowest crossing of the river, the main east-west route in south Wales, and a good harbor. It is now difficult to imagine the original large scale of Swansea Castle. Only fragments of the New Castle remains to be seen today. The castle's north and south blocks, connected by a short stretch of curtain wall, are all that survives its turbulent history. The impressive parapets of the south block clearly show the hallmarks of de Gower's rich architecture whilst the 18th and 19th century adaptation of the north tower has not completely removed some of the castle's original features - such as the cross arrow slits.

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