Cabinet War Rooms

Buckingham PalaceRight in the middle of London, between Parliament Square and Trafalgar square is the location of a historic subterranean. At the end of King Charles Street some steps lead down to the Cabinet War Rooms. A bunker with 19 rooms, only a few meters below surface was the most important center of British defense during World War II. Churchill's underground wartime headquarters was the place where the British War Cabinet and the chiefs of staff directed the British war machinery. On 16th August 1945, after the Japanese surrender, the door to the Cabinet War Rooms was locked and left as it had been during the war. In 1948, it was declared an historic site but it was not opened to the public. In 1981 Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher made the decision that it should be opened up and so over the following three years work was undertaken to preserve the artifacts in there and allow them to be seen by visitors.

The Cabinet War Rooms london are open daily in summer between 9.30 am and 6 pm. Opening begins half an hour later from 1 October.
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