. Visa & Passport Facilities

Passport Requirement in UK
For visiting Great Britain, you must have a valid passport. Otherwise, you'll not be eligible to apply for the Visa. Please note that all passports must have validity period. If you do not have this period available on your passport it could result in a visa refusal. So, check if your passport has sufficient validity period.

Visa Requirements for Tourists visiting UK
The requirements for entry into the UK as a tourist or visitor are that the applicant:
  • is genuinely seeking entry for not more than six months as a visitor.
  • intends to leave at the end of his visit.
  • does not intend to take employment paid or unpaid, or to produce goods or provide services including selling goods or services direct to the public, during the visit.
  • does not intend to study at a publicly funded school.
  • can be maintained and accommodated without recourse to public funds.
  • is able to meet the costs of their onward journey.

Applicants may be questioned and required to provide documentary evidence that they are able to meet these requirements.

Applying for a Visa
To apply for a visa, an applicant must:
  • be outside England and Islands at the time of the application.
  • apply to the British Embassy, Consulate or High Commission in the country or territory where they live. This is defined as the place where they are present in any capacity other than as a short-term visitor and have permission from the relevant authorities to be so.
  • pay any fee required.
  • answer all questions asked on the visa application form and by officials honestly.
  • provide documentary evidence where requested to back up any statements they make.

Visa Facts
Visas are normally granted to tourists for six months and may be valid for a single or multiple entries. Single entry visas allow only one entry into the UK while multiple entry visas allow the holder to travel into and out of the UK on multiple occasions during that period. You must state when applying whether you want a single-entry or multiple-entry visa. Note that the visa is valid for entry into Great Britain before the date indicated. The period of 'leave to enter' will run from that date.

Visa Refusals
In some cases visa officers may contact you to say that they do not feel they can approve your application as submitted. This gives you the opportunity to submit additional facts and documents in support of the application, or to withdraw the application before it is refused.

If this occurs we ask you immediately contact a specialist UK immigration solicitor for advice.

Doubts & Clarification
If you have any doubts, it is good to take professional advice from an immigration solicitor before making applications.

It is much cheaper to take advice from a solicitor and obtain your entry clearance, than to engage a solicitor's help in overturning a visa refusal.

Formalities after arrival in the UK
The formalities that occur when you arrive in the UK are important and must not be taken lightly. Failure to prepare for these may result in refusal of entry.

Passenger in Transit
Most passengers who have a confirmed booking on an onward flight within 24 hours of arrival by air will normally be admitted as transit passengers without visas. 

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