. Climate in United Kingdom

Since the country is located close to the sea, Climate in UK is mildly humid that is caused by the North Atlantic Current. All through the year, United Kingdom has a pleasant weather and is ideal for outdoor activities. The summers are warm and the winters are mild enough. But UK climate is unpredictable and if one hand the weather is pleasant all through the year, at times it also turns stormy. When the skies look lour, note that it is time for a rainy season. Even though rains in UK tend to get very windy and turbulent they never stay for more than three to four hours. If it is not wintry, a rain coat is enough to protect you from the cool breezes.UK runs almost a thousand kilometers in a stretch and for that reason temperatures between north and south can differ quite significantly. Dissimilarities in rainfall are also labeled as the drier east and wetter west. Climate in UK depends from region to region. Scotland and north-western England (mostly the Lake District region) regularly have rainy and cold weather, with heavy snowstorm in northern region of Scotland in winter. The north-east and Midlands regions also remain chilly, though they have lesser rainfall. The south-eastern region is usually temperate and dry, and the south-west is also warm but it remains wet. Wales and Northern Ireland face cool to pleasant temperatures and moderate precipitation, while the Wales experience heavy snowfall occasionally.

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