. Nightlife in united Kingdom

You may need rest after a long hectic day. The delightful variety of entertainment at night in the UK will give a fresh lease of life and will stir your spirit high. Sitting in the elegantly decorated dinner show venue, you can enjoy tasty British cuisine at Bennetts Restaurant. Or you can find a teahouse, tasting famous tea or local snacks, where you can also learn something about the traditional tea ceremony and the daily life of ordinary people. Pop into Bukowski's Piana, a bar offering wide choice of wine and beer for your refreshment.

For those who prefer modern recreation and sports, Britain has a wide choice. The bulk of hotels here boast mufti-function karaoke lounges equipped with up-to-date facilities for singing and discoing, as well as offering saunas, health clubs and swimming pools.

Yoshi's offers live music 363 days a year, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. The jazz house is available for private functions. Please call for more information.

From the Kimball's jazz club is devoted mainly to Latin dancing and billiards. To say that the pool room is very big is an understatement; there are 18 tables. The dance floor is on the same scale, with 6,000 square feet for your hip, hot, happening feet. The restaurant has full and bar menus. London is world famous for its party vibe and non-stop nightlife. The capital is seething with after hours drinking and dancing dens of all shapes and sizes. From the pulsating dance floors of the super clubs to the chilled intimacy of smaller bar-clubs, London has something to offer everyone from the most hardcore party animals to those looking for a quiet drink and conversation. London's pubs are world famous for their blend of traditional ales, fine food, cozy fires and friendly atmosphere. Aside from historic pubs, the capital is brimming with exciting places to eat, drink and listen to live music. Writers and drink go way back, and one of the coolest historic bars has a direct connection with the man who wrote John Barleycorn, Jack London. Best known for his adventure tales, London was a regular at Heinold's First and Last Chance Saloon, located in modern Jack London Square. Heinold's coziness is made even more crowded by the plethora of stuff that hangs from the ceiling and walls and is otherwise scattered about. Currency of many lands, ancient newspapers, a deer head, spiny blowfish, old business cards, license plates and photos decorate the walls, with more cards on the ceiling. Many of the furnishings are original, including the old bar and worn-through rail.

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