. Food & Restaurants in United Kingdom

British Food Habit
Many visitors to the UK do not have a clear idea about British food. However, we provide you information about food habit & restaurants in Great Britain.

The UK has a strong tradition in making a wide range of fine foods beyond the traditional tea, biscuits and whiskey, which are popular all over the world. Cheese, for example, is one are where the UK excels. Nowadays, the UK produces over 500 varieties of cheese, some of which have a strong following even in countries traditionally seen as strong producers of cheese such as France. UK cuisine has also benefited from the country's ethnic diversity. The well-established Indian and Bangladeshi communities, amongst others, have altered the British palette to such an extent that curry has long been considered a favorite national dish. The most popular curry dish in the UK, Chicken Tikka Masala, was actually developed in the UK! This strength-in-diversity is reflected not only in the range of restaurants available but also in the range of produce available in British supermarkets and stores. The UK is also the second largest organic food-producing country in Europe; developing a wide range of organic products from baby food and confectionery to ice-cream and pate.

Pubs are where many British people meet to talk and have a drink. This page explains pub vocabulary and customs, and aims to help visitors from other countries who come to the UK. Wine is an increasingly popular drink in the UK and can be bought in pubs as well as in wine bars, although the choice in pubs may be limited. The most common option is to ask for a glass of the house wine. Cider is a traditional English alcoholic drink made from apples. Whisky is a strong drink produced in Scotland and in Ireland. It can be served on the rocks. You normally order a shot of whisky in England and Wales, or a dram in Scotland.

Restaurants in UK
There are various restaurants in the UK, including Tamrah, Mumtaz Indian Restaurant, 272 Restaurant, Porters English Restaurants, and The Star, Spice Lounge. Some of the popular restaurants are in London. Butlers Wharf Building is the most traditional restaurant in London. Classic British cooking combines with a pleasant Thameside setting to make the Butlers Wharf Chop House a very pleasant find. In the summer gaze out at views of Tower Bridge and the City from the restaurant's stylish terrace, while inside, the inviting décor is perfect for a slap up meal on a cold winter's evening. Choose from poached salmon with mussels, venison and wild boar faggots or roast belly of pork with prunes.

Restaurants charge a sales tax exclusive of a service charge. Most large restaurants automatically add a service charge to the bill. If the service charge hasn't been added, you are expected to tip 10% to 15% of your bill. Some restaurants add the service charge to the bill and still leave a space for a tip on your credit card receipt, making you tip twice.

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