. Transportation in United Kingdom

If you are planning to take a flight at a busy time of the year, reserve your seat as soon as you can. The busiest times are during school holidays (in particular, in July, August, late March, April and December). Public holidays are very busy, especially the days around the Christmas, New Year, Easter and August bank holidays. It may be easier to buy cheap tickets if you can avoid these times.

The largest UK airline is British Airways which operate flights between the UK and most parts of the world. The cheapest tickets are Economy. The other ticket types are Premier Economy, Business/Club and First. The second-biggest UK airline for long-distance flights is Virgin Atlantic.

Once you have left your plane, you will need to go through immigration control and may have to have a health check. Wait for your bags by the conveyor belt (carousel) which shows your flight number. You can take a trolley if you need one to help you to move your baggage inside the airport.

Pass through customs control. If you have goods to declare (meaning that you believe that you will have to pay an import tax called duty, or you think you may be carrying something which is not allowed), you pass through the red channel. If you have nothing to declare, you pass through a green channel. Even if you pass through the green channel, you may be chosen for a random check - the customs officer will ask you to open your bags and will check the contents.

Coaches travel to many parts of the UK from the major international airports such as Gatwick and Heathrow. National Express, Flightlink, Jetlink, Railair and Airbus are the names of the main airport coach services.

There are licensed taxi ranks at most airports. Do not accept lifts from anyone who approaches you in the airport and asks if you need a cab. It may be cheaper if you use a minicab or specialist airport collection service company, but these services should be booked in advance. Exclusive Airports is one example of a company providing a meet and greet service for people arriving at London airports who wish to travel to London.

Using trains are a convenient way to travel around the UK. It is much faster than traveling by coach: a 2 hour coach journey usually lasts only 1 hour by train. Train tickets are more expensive than coach tickets, but you can greatly reduce the cost if you take advantage of railcards and available discounts.

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