The city of Stirling in Scotland is one of the most historic cities and the county town of Stirlingshire. Also famous as "The Gateway to the Highlands", the city of Stirling used to be the only link to the Highlands and for that reason is an important part of the bygone era. Some of the well known battles for Scottish independence took place in and around the region of Stirling Scotland. The best time ot hit the place is during summers when you can easily board a sightseeing bus which is not only a great but also a cheap way to get to explore the city. Accommodation in Stirling is easy to find. From hotels to hostels, from inns to lodges. you will fin it all in the city.

The renowned edifice of the Stirling Castle is one of the greatest royal residences of Scottish history. Located in the Stirling's Old Town, this castle attracts many a tourists throughout the year. The best attractions of this castle are Great Hall, Royal Chapel and the Palace. Stirling Old Town Jail is an olden prison preserved for sightseers. This building used to be the detention center in the Victorian times. Smith Art Gallery and Museum is although small in size but exhibits some of the loveliest art works. Wallace Monument is located on a hill top and is dedicated to William Wallace who led the Scotland to victory over the England. Inside you can find various exhibits on the subject of the Battle of Stirling Bridge and about significant Scottish citizens.