The beautiful city of Aberdeen is Scotland's third largest city and also the main harbor in the north-eastern region of Scotland. Aberdeen is commonly known as "the Granite City", or the "Silver City" in view of the facts that grey and gleaming building stone used in older buildings in the city.  Since Aberdeen Scotland is also famous for its pretty parks and gardens the city is also called the "Flower of Scotland". The city offers excellent shopping experience to all its visitors and tourists. The main street in the city of Aberdeen is called the Union Street. This avenue is a great place to visit if your plan to shop around in the city. The stretch has many a shops and buildings inclusive of restaurants and café to make the best of your time. Shopping complexes and centers like the Bon-Accord Centre, The Academy, St. Nicholas Centre and the Trinity Centre are haven for any shopaholic. Another interesting place in Aberdeen city to be visited is the district of Bridge of Don. This is one of the largest suburbs in the continent of Europe, and is one of many regions of the city that even to this day oozes a quaint charm. The city has some of the most ancient university buildings in Europe for instance the structures of King’s College and Marischal. The city has a wide range of cultural activities, amenities, art galleries, museums, theaters and public parks. Entertainment and fun is never out of place in Aberdeen.